Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Mess You Walked Into

Holy crap, what happened here..
A question that I ask myself at least twice a week when I come home from work. My home looks like it was a gracious host to a neighborhood rager and I seem to have found the culprit.
Two children.
Yes... Two dwarf-like humans that find a way to follow my poor wife around all day long and make trash where she cleans then ask for snacks on a 24-7 basis. I am lucky enough to have a wife that enjoys staying home and caring for all the domestic needs and children, while I go to a facility all day and deal with financial needs and adult children.
Trust me this works, I can barely keeps these people alive when I get home.
As I ignore my kids to complete this blog post on how to be a creative dad, they are asking for rediculous things like dinner, snacks, and love.
You know, things that really aren't too important.
All kidding aside folks, you'll come home to your furniture ripped apart or a random structure built out of a very expensive something, and you'll probably get frustrated. Just remember though, they built it with the best of their creativity, they built it with love, and most of all; they have been itching to show you the cool thing they did.
So when you walk in that door just remember, as long as the place isn't on fire or flooded, put a smile on, and act excited at the awesome thing they did with your 2000 dollar living room set.
Then rip your hair out later.

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