Monday, June 19, 2017

The Best 2 Dollars You'll Spend

Okay Everyone! 
I'm about to drop some serious fun bombs in Blog land.

Does your kid like glow sticks?

Of course your kid likes glow sticks, if you think your kid hates glow sticks; buy them, hand them a glow stick, then send me a message about how you were wrong and Createkidfun has the best ideas.

Just kidding.
Seriously though, brace yourselves.

Step 1: Head to your nearest store that has glow sticks. Its probably a Walmart... Unfortunately we have all had to walk through Walmart at some point in our lives. 

You see some things, strange things... 

Step 2: Fight through the Walmart creatures and make a B line straight to the glow sticks. These things are dirt cheap, grab a couple packs of them.

(Make sure you have your 2 dollars everyone.)

Step 3: Head home with your spoils, then at bath time and crack those things open and toss them in the prepped bath.

That's it!
Your kid(s) will seriously have a blast with this, it's simple and a ton of fun.

When your done, don't throw them away!
Take them out of the tub and throw them in the freezer for next time! (The glow sticks, not your kid) You can easily get 3 uses out of a set.


Dinosaurs chasing cars!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Start Bugging them!

Not everyone likes bugs.
Matter of fact, most people are going to pass on the bug contact.

There are a large percentage of children that love bugs, more of a percentage than adults anyway. Even if they don't like bugs, they want to get within visual distance of them and examine them.

Do you see where i'm going here?
Whether you like it or not, your probably going to be the person collecting and touching bugs.

Why you ask? It's simple really.
Even if your kid loves bugs, they are going to have a hard time catching them. So if you don't like bugs, well your going to have to get over it for the kids. 😁

I know what its like.
I don't tell many people (and now i'm sharing it with millions), but I can't barely touch a small fish to take it off of a hook. Bigger fish really aren't an issue, but throw one of those demonic Kivers on a hook and my big boy pants are non existent. I need a Hazmat suit and steel plated gloves to help me with those. Irrational fear? Most definitely, just like your fear of bugs.

Happy hunting!