Monday, May 22, 2017

Good ol' Coloring

Have you run out of ideas?

Have your kids pulled your entire house apart and re-purposed everything because of this Blog?

Get your crayons and colored pencils and do some coloring.
Just keep it exciting. 

Its so easy even a T-Rex can do it... 

Now i'm not telling you to go buy a ridiculously expensive Halloween costume to do things around the house with, but this is hilarious.

Things like this are what your kids will remember, things they will laugh about when they are older, and things they will share with their own kids, and judging by the total lack of surprise on Mia's face here, these things happen a little too often...

Remember, they are only young once, make things funny. 

Sure you could sit down and color with them any time, but why not put a cardboard box on your head or wear a costume while doing it.

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