Monday, April 3, 2017

Not all heroes wear capes!

...wait, where did he get the pistol
 Here we have an array of basic recyclables you all have right in your own homes. A milk jug, coffee cans, plastic tub, cardboard, animal cracker jug, and a light-bulb box. Just about anything can be used to have a great time, just try to look at things through the eyes of a kid (A crazy one) and you may come up with some insane ideas. 

Just remember, safety first parents! I taped all the sharp edges from cutting the plastic so we wouldn't have any scratches. 

Then proceeded to engage this foul armored beast in mortal combat to which was a tremendous loss on my end, I would love to say I let the kid win, but lets face it, he had a whey protein jug as one of his armor pieces, he had a massive strength buff. 
Ready for combat

The face of a true warrior

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