Sunday, April 23, 2017

Here's One For The Dads

 Alright Dads, 
Don't be afraid.

If you have a little girl, prepare to do things that little girls love to do, one of these things is painting nails.

I know you're probably really cool and wear backwards hats, ride motorcycles, talk about man stuff with men, shoot guns, and eat uncooked steak.

But here's the thing.
It doesn't matter how manly you think you are, if you have a little girl, it is your job and expectation to make her feel special.

No matter what.

It is also our job and expectation as men to show our girls how a man should treat their wives and daughters. You must take the time to pamper her, understand her emotions, and make her feel as though you like to share this special time with her.

So loosen up a bit Dad, it's only nail polish,
and dresses, high heels, glitter, funny hats, tea parties, more glitter, dolls, princess everything, and even more glitter.

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