Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easy Dioramas

We're back with some easy dioramas.

 Why are they easy? 
I only had to supply the shoe box and adhesives, cheap and easy, right?

After getting the shoe boxes set up just send your kids up to their rooms and tell them to grab any crap they don't want anymore that you probably spent a ton of money on.
 (your welcome for the honesty) 

If your kids' rooms are like my kids'.
They are just like a black hole in space, everything gets sucked in, nothing comes out, its a disaster half the time, and every now and then they burp out cosmic light particles before the cycle starts again.

Here's your chance to burp out some of those long lost buried toys and put them to use. 
(look now i'm a cleaning blog, again, your welcome)

As always, have fun with it, take your time. It may surprise you just how much your children will love finding a way to create a little environment for their collected treasures.

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