Sunday, April 23, 2017

Here's One For The Dads

 Alright Dads, 
Don't be afraid.

If you have a little girl, prepare to do things that little girls love to do, one of these things is painting nails.

I know you're probably really cool and wear backwards hats, ride motorcycles, talk about man stuff with men, shoot guns, and eat uncooked steak.

But here's the thing.
It doesn't matter how manly you think you are, if you have a little girl, it is your job and expectation to make her feel special.

No matter what.

It is also our job and expectation as men to show our girls how a man should treat their wives and daughters. You must take the time to pamper her, understand her emotions, and make her feel as though you like to share this special time with her.

So loosen up a bit Dad, it's only nail polish,
and dresses, high heels, glitter, funny hats, tea parties, more glitter, dolls, princess everything, and even more glitter.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Playing With Ancient Artifacts

In the barren depths of the basement, my children have located these ancient artifacts called "VHS" Tapes.

These strange media bricks showed up in society between the 70s and 90s, taking up unused space in every home. Doubling as great items for stacking, chalk blocks, domino's, or deadly weapons. 

If you have some of these priceless items that you want destroyed in a few uses, let your kids rip into them and build to their hearts content. Chances are things will go vertical, and you will not be disappointed.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Design plants!

 Here's another great (and cheap) Project.

This is a totally random occurrence of us seeing something at the store and just going for it.

We bought 2 small flower pots, 2 small wood designs, some paint, and flower seeds.
This whole project came in under 15 dollars.

These kind of projects are the best, this gave us a couple hours of fun and was really simple.
The best part is the kids will have a long lasting effect with this project, they will see their plant grow and thrive all due to their efforts.



 Okay parents, here's how you kill two birds with one stone.

Do you have a dirty vehicle?

Are you a horrible person enough to convince your kids to clean it and make it seem like its a "family" experience?
Great, that's what I like to hear.

All kidding aside, this is great stuff. If your at home with nothing to do, and its decent outside, there aren't many kids that will say no to playing with some water and being helpful at the same time.

Building great memories with your kids is about taking every normal everyday occurrence and creating ways to make them special.

Sure, kids will remember the Disney trip, or the Hotel stays on the road going to great places, but the things that will truly warm their hearts to think back on are small candid moments like this, don't take life so seriously, just fill a bucket with soapy water and throw a sponge at someone.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kids rocket launch

Sometimes a little firepower is needed for a good experiment.
Building this rocket was a total blast. (No pun intended)

Until the end, when it was time to launch and it was a total dud..
even after the half hour of troubleshooting this thing, and finding out we had bad contacts, the launch was well worth the wait.

This starter kit was great fun and was under 30 dollars for everything (engines are sold separate) 
Make sure to keep your distance and stay safe, the kids will love this.

Just don't put the 1000 foot rated engine in it on the next launch by accident and never see the rocket again like I did.
Yeah it happened.
Still worth it though!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easy Dioramas

We're back with some easy dioramas.

 Why are they easy? 
I only had to supply the shoe box and adhesives, cheap and easy, right?

After getting the shoe boxes set up just send your kids up to their rooms and tell them to grab any crap they don't want anymore that you probably spent a ton of money on.
 (your welcome for the honesty) 

If your kids' rooms are like my kids'.
They are just like a black hole in space, everything gets sucked in, nothing comes out, its a disaster half the time, and every now and then they burp out cosmic light particles before the cycle starts again.

Here's your chance to burp out some of those long lost buried toys and put them to use. 
(look now i'm a cleaning blog, again, your welcome)

As always, have fun with it, take your time. It may surprise you just how much your children will love finding a way to create a little environment for their collected treasures.

52 Pickup !

With the right kids, 52 pickup is a totally viable game.

Some kids will know this is a trick...

 Then there's other kids, like mine, who know its a trick, but also want to chase down an entire deck of thrown cards.

I have no idea

Sledding and crashing!

If there's snow, we are sledding, except for Dad, hes crashing.
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Snuggie Tail Race!!!

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Not all heroes wear capes!

...wait, where did he get the pistol
 Here we have an array of basic recyclables you all have right in your own homes. A milk jug, coffee cans, plastic tub, cardboard, animal cracker jug, and a light-bulb box. Just about anything can be used to have a great time, just try to look at things through the eyes of a kid (A crazy one) and you may come up with some insane ideas. 

Just remember, safety first parents! I taped all the sharp edges from cutting the plastic so we wouldn't have any scratches. 

Then proceeded to engage this foul armored beast in mortal combat to which was a tremendous loss on my end, I would love to say I let the kid win, but lets face it, he had a whey protein jug as one of his armor pieces, he had a massive strength buff. 
Ready for combat

The face of a true warrior