Friday, July 1, 2016

The Mad Scientists

Here we have a couple of mad scientists up to no good again... The experiments we have done here are testing viscosity of different fluids, and creating a soap bar monster (yes a soap monster, as if children didn't have enough issues actually getting into the shower and getting clean). Our viscosity experiment is very simple and consists of vegetable oil, syrup, and water with food coloring. Independently dump these fluids (heavy to light)  into a mason jar or glass and see the separation of fluids, you can even get crazy and put objects in it and they should stay in the fluid they are placed. Now, the soap monster... Find yourself a bar if soap, and put it in the microwave and turn it on. Yes that's it. Then watch the chaos unfold, it doesn't take long for the transformation to complete, so for all of you that set it and forget it, and have a soap monster that has eaten your kitchen and a child or two.. I'm not responsible for any misuse of these experiments. As always, have fun and safety first!

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