Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Car Won't Fix Itself You Know...

Remember this little tidbit folks, most of the time kids don't care what your doing, they just want to be part of it. As frustrating as it can be to hear a thousand and one questions, or get the occasional foot in the face or drink spilled on your head; just remember, they just want to be involved with what your doing. Now I'm not saying have your kids take off on the riding lawnmower (yes it happened) or sharpen a saw blade; but if it's safe, let them be present. It's very important to them to feel like they are making a difference, even if they are making it counter productive at times. It's easier said then done, this I know, I have had my fair share of sending them away when they get out of hand so I can get a job done quick and painlessly, but when you can let them be there, just do it. It may just make their day.

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