Friday, June 5, 2015

Welcome To The Blog!

It is my goal to offer and share creativity the same way I do with my family. Lets face it, parenting is hard and its not as wonderful as all the advertising makes it out to be, but there is a way to make it fun and beautiful. Even though there is probably a toddler screaming at you right now as you read this, all because his favorite color is blue and he can't figure out why, or that his sister wont stop copying him so now they are throwing very heavy toys in each-others direction. Or the 4 kids decided they want to make your life as difficult as possible today so they are teaming up to see how long it will take you to lose your mind. I'm here to be realistic and tell you that parenting is extremely difficult and it takes a ton of work all the time whether you like it or not, and only parents understand this. Especially after working a 60 hour week and needing to drive more energy into family when it seems there's nothing left to give, Its like a diaper commercial showing a mom and dad gently getting done changing a diaper and cuddling after and watching their beautiful child run around the house with sparkles in their eyes and a cool breeze gently flowing through the child's hair. Yeah... Right... When realistically if it was one of us, the commercial would be a clip of us yelling to stop because our kid crapped in the diaper and is running away from us wiping it on as many walls as possible and thinks its hilarious.

So for all my fellow dads and moms,
It sucks sometimes,
We all know that, and its okay to feel that way,
Lets make it awesome and create some memories, i'll share with you some of the ideas and creativity that my kids love, that will be fulfilling and lots of fun.
Oh, and lastly, the key to all of this, don't take life too seriously.


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