Saturday, June 6, 2015

Live The Moment

To really invest yourself into what your doing with your children you need to become a child. Now why is that so hard to do for most of us? Well its simple. As adults it is very hard for us to change linear habits and live in moments notice like children. We have our daily routines, we have to work and support households all day every day, and the only way to deal with that stress is to have our adult mindsets and priorities in check. Now with children, that's a whole different ball game.. Children are fight or flight all the time and they live completely in the moment, they are little wound up balls of good and bad emotion and they wear it on their sleeve, that is just how they are wired. The faster we understand that the better life is, we need to understand that they in fact do not understand just how much goes into what we have to do, and they wont, and they shouldn't have to; they see what is in front of them and live that moment.

So live the moment, Just forget your an adult for a couple hours with them.

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